We can support your company with establishing corporate emission accounting processes, calculating carbon footprint and identifying GHG emission hotspots to prepare you for Net Zero Carbon transformation.
Every Net Zero Carbon journey starts with … accounting. Carbon emission accounting as any other accounting is time, labor, and data intensive routine. It also requires technical knowledge of GHG emissions sources and international carbon accounting standards.
Carbon emissions accounting
Our GHG emission
accounting serviceS
Calculation and analysis of your company's carbon emission across the entire value chain based on international GHG Protocol corporate accounting standard
Emission hotspots identification and where your investments can yield the greatest impact at lowest cost
Establishment of internal GHG emission accounting system, data collection and quality control framework, staff training and advice on selection of digital tool and software
Calculation and analysis
GHG accounting system
Emission hotspots
Benchmarking your company’s and product’s emission intensity against industry and your peers
Preparation GHG inventory report from a reputable 3rd party enabling you to make public climate disclosure in line with regulatory requirements and international standards
GHG inventory report
Description of internal business processes for GHG emissions accounting
Our client success stories
AG team GHG emission accounting for international ICT company with over 20,000 clients in 10 countries. AG developed unique methodology for calculating carbon footprint of ICT software’s end-users, one of the emissions hotspots for ICT companies. Read more in our Insights
AG has been engaged by an EU Bank to calculate emissions from Scope 1, 2 and 3, including Category 15, financed emissions, following international methodology of the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF), which accounts for over 90% of the banks’ emissions. We helped client identify their emission hotspots – 15 out of 3,000 customers who contribute to over 70% of the emissions in each asset category and benchmark their emissions against competitors. Read more about financial sector’s role in combating climate change in our Insights
We worked with the global consultancy firm present in over 40 countries around the world to help understand its carbon emissions and hotspots. Non-surprisingly, business travel takes the lion’s share of consultancies’ footprint and you can learn more about quantifying GHG emission from air-travel in our Insights.
Set science-based targets and turn them into investment plan for your net zero carbon journey
Integrate climate and ESG considerations into financial planning and investment decisions
Comply with regulations and report your achievements to stakeholders
Educate, motivate, and engage your employees in climate actions
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